Miranda Smart

Illustrator and Comics Artist
Previous UAL Affiliation: 
London College of Communication

I am an Illustrator and Comic book artist from Northampton. I graduated from London College of Communication in 2017 where I wrote my thesis on how music is represented in comics. I have since explored further into audio-visual comics and have been able to create some audio-visual experimental comics of my own. My method involves taking certain themes and observations which I find interesting or confusing and creating metaphors from basic elements and symbols (such as shapes, textures and colours). Most of the themes and topics I choose to address are inspired by theories of philosophy, psychology and visual communication. I have travelled and collaborated with a number of different musicians and artists, learning from different art mediums and relating what I observe back to comics.

I currently work as a freelance artist and have been lucky enough to appear in magazines such as Heavy Metal Magazine, Komikaze and Huck.