Vanessa Milu Spiridellis

Curator and Freelance Writer; MA Researcher, MA Culture, Criticism and Curation
UAL Affiliation: Central Saint Martins

Hailing from New York City, Vanessa Spiridellis began her academic career in fine art and creative writing, combining skills from both fields to establish school publications and organisations during her undergraduate experience. With a professional focus in journalism and social media marketing, Vanessa’s first MA in Language and Literacy introduced her to different community engagement practices and inspired her to research creative teaching methodologies.

Vanessa’s personal enthusiasm for science fiction, existential philosophy, history and feminist politics have contributed to her personal and professional projects. Her diverse interests have served as a foundation for re-contextualising how socio-political constructs are interpreted through imagery and sensorial experiences. Now pursuing her second MA degree in Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins, Vanessa is expected to complete her current programme December 2018

Research keywords: Divine Feminine, Artemis, Prehistoric, History, Ecofeminism, Goddess Worship, Oeuvre, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek, Chthonic, Digital Media, Postcolonial, Atlantic, Pan-African, The Nude, Wild, Sexualisation, Woman, Vodou, Bruja, Mediterranean, Community Engagement, Decolonisation, Matrilineal Power Structures, Toxic Masculinity, Surrealism, Postmodernism, Digital Art and Media, and Creative Learning Methods.