Dr Nina Mickwitz

Lecturer in Contextual and Theoretical Studies
UAL Affiliation: London College of Communication
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I did my doctoral research on documentary theory and comics at University of East Anglia (2010-13), and I am still interested in the overlaps and intersections between fictional and factual modes. My approach remains largely conceptual and theoretical.

My current research concerns transnational mobility – how it is culturally negotiated, performed and understood, but also how it occurs in the field of comics production/circulation. The former involves how comics contribute to narratives around migration and refugee questions (whether by employing a factual or fictional mode of address).

The latter involves moving away from textual analysis and individual examples. I am increasingly interested in how comics travel globally and the transnational networks that constitute and contribute to comics cultures, and particularly keen to understand more about how this happens beyond the comics cultures with established global reach (Manga, Anglo-American and Franco-Belgian comics).

Research keywords: Transnational mobility, collective memory, comics cultures, professional networks