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Crossing Borders, Boundaries, and Cultures: Studies in Transnational Comics
London College of Communication (UAL), Wednesday 6th March 2019

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Free and open to all.
Booking essential.

Registration: 9:00-9:30
Symposium: 9:30-18:45
Drinks Reception: 18:45-20:30
Crossing Borders Programme

The symposium, “Crossing Borders, Boundaries, and Cultures: Studies in Transnational Comics”, broadly engages with issues of comics and transnational exchange. In an age of globalisation, popular culture has been increasingly analysed through transnational perspectives to reveal how local, national, international, and global dynamics influence and shape the form and content of a given cultural artefact, and impact its production, consumption, and regulation. Papers presented at this event consider how comics can cross national and cultural boundaries in a variety of contexts. Topics of discussion include the local/global production and circulation of comics, issues of language and translation, and nationalism and identity (amongst other things).

This event is free to attend, and lunch and refreshments are provided.

Doctoral Research and Practice (in Comics Studies): A Comics Research Hub Event
London College of Communication (UAL), Tuesday 5th March 2019

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Free and open to all.
Booking essential.

Panel: 18:00-20:30

In recent years, comic scholarship has seen an influx of practitioners, whose practice forms the basis of their research activity. Practice-based PhDs have become academic books (Nick Sousanis’ Unflattening being the most high-profile example) while Neil Cohn uses practice as a method for exploring the language of comics. Practice is an increasingly important element of general theoretical studies as well, with UAL graduates Dr Simon Grennan (A Theory of Narrative Drawing) and Dr John Miers both producing research informed by practice, even if not entirely based or led by it.

In this seminar, researchers and practitioners from across UAL will come together to discuss the roles of practice in research, research in practice, how the two work together effectively, and where challenges arise. Join a roundtable of speakers for a discussion that will cover a range of topics, including research/practice methods, practice as/based/led research, and the future of practice in research. Although focused on Comics Studies as a discipline, it is hoped that the event will examine issues relevant to PhD students and supervisors in other art and design subject areas.

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